About Us

Three generations ago, Raghu Jewellers Inc. established itself in Toronto, Canada, with its first flagship studio in the South-Asian market of Etobicoke. Unparalleled and exceptional service at our Toronto flagship studio has allowed us to expand and meet the needs of the ever-growing South-Asian community in Brampton. Through this intuitive online store, we strive to provide an unaltered Luxurious experience to our customers across North America to that which is available at our studios in Toronto, Canada.

Our Goal

We have built our business upon the notion of uncompromising quality with Jewellery conveying elegance, sophistication and Luxury. Over the course of 20 years, our studios in Toronto have been able to deliver our memorable products at competitive and low-cost rates. In order to make your special occasions memorable, not only do we have a special team of Jewellery design experts at our studios in Toronto, we now offer that same level of expertise through our wide variety of our products online.